Superdealsco - I tried to return two mp4s but couldn't contact them

Youngstown, Ohio 1 comment

I purchased two mp4s on Nov. 23, 2007 as Christmas gifts for my children. When we opened them up they were very cheap knock-offs of an ipod.

The directions were translated so badly from chinese to english you couldn't understand what was written. My daughter proceeded to use them and they failed to work about 75% of the time. They were the worst piece of equipment I've ever come across.

I know I was lured by their great price and supposed abilities of the mp4 but I learned my lesson with "If it looks like it is to good to be true, it is'nt any good.

I ended up sending it back to their address with the help of google checkout and google refunded 100% of my money by crediting my credit card. So far my credit card has not been recharged and I hope to never have anything to do with them again.

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Dimondale, Michigan, United States #3343

Do you still have the address that you returned the products to. I have been unable to get a hold of them as well.

Superdealsco - SON ESTAFADORES !!

Miami, Florida 1 comment
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Entre varios articulos les compre mas de 1000 dolares, compre simil nano 3ra generacion y me mandaron segunda, todos de color pink... Un desastre, y los mp4 que decian tener un 60 gb apenas tienen 1 gb y no funcionan, demas esta decir que no contestan email ni telefono.. Son estafadores... Si alguno los ve denle saludos de parte mia para su santa madre !! Apenas hice la compra recib¡ un email que lo firmaba

Karina fernandez

Shipping department

Super deals corp.


Hay que meterla a la carcel !!

Espero que la policia y la justicia actue contra este tipo de delito!!

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Corona, California, United States #2374

Denuncialo a la policia, yo lo he hecho en la policia española. Es la unica manera de meterles mano, que haya muchas denuncias.Si quieres ponerte en contacto conmigo

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Union is strength.We must unite all those affected and to force the authorities to do something with these crooks.

I also have deceived me and I reported to the police but not if I get something. I have stolen $ 500 and are there for my money and that of other people. I think that has to have rules that legislase stores in the network estubiesen more controlled to avoid these and many other cases.

We urge all concerned to denuncieis your case to the police so that the more complaints I think that you could achieve something.Union is strength

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Superdealsco - La union hace la fuerza

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Tenemos que unirnos todos los afectados para hacer fuerza y que las autoridades hagan algo *** estos estafadores.A mi tambien me han engañado y les he denunciado a la policia pero no se si conseguiré algo.

Me han robado 500$ y estan por ahi *** mi dinero y el de otras personas.Creo que tendria que haber una normativa que legislase las tiendas en la red que estubiesen más controlados para evitar estos y otros muchos casos.

Os animo a todos los afectados a que denuncieis vuestro caso a la policia para que asi cuantas más denuncias yo creo que se podria conseguir algo.

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Superdealsco - Estafa internacional


esta empresa o timo-empresa son unos estafadores.Compre 7 mp4, los page y despues de 2 meses no se nada de ellos.No envian pedido ni contestan emails.

No se dejen engañar son unos estafadores.tienen denuncias el la Policia española.

La pagina web creo que esta ya anulada o fuera del servidor . Presentan precios muy baratos pero realmente no se si poseen mercancia o es todo parte del timo o estafa. Conozco a varios afectados a raiz de las denuncias puestas en la policia y todos contamos historias y esperiencias parecidas.



Riceville, Tennessee, United States #18653

Ay que ponerse alerta para no caer mas en manos de estas estafas, gracias por el pitaso.

Wiscasset, Maine, United States #2821

por favor contactarse conmigo soy de Argentina y me han estafado U$8300 dolares

Encino, California, United States #2476

A mi me han hecho lo mismo que a tí. Si quieres contacta conmigo para ver que podemos hacer.

Superdealsco - Pissed off customer

Lawrenceville, Georgia 0 comments
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This company is ***.Ordered MP3 and worked a week.

Tried to call and emailed but no return call. Very disappointed as was present for child for Christmas. If any one knows how to reach them or how to get money back please let me know. No matter how good the deal sounds don't fall for ordering from them.

I know someone else that had the same problem with two mp3 players from this company that quit working after a week also.

Thought this was a great deal and very excited.Should have known since the price was so cheap.

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Http:// Rip Off

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 0 comments
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Imagine purchasing a Christmas gift for you children and having it work for only 3 days, imagine then trying to get in touch with a company who doesn't reply to your emails then trying to call their 1-800 number only to be told by the voice recording to leave a message and a agent will contact you then when it switches you to their mailbox it tells you that the mailbox is full and you can't leave a message and to try back later even if that later has been going on for 2 weeks straight, makes you wonder how many other people have been taken by this company, avoid this fly by night company or you will be ripped off.

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